Vulcan V530 Power Pickleball Paddle-Rainbow Laser.Vulcan V530 Power Pickleball Paddle-Rainbow Laser Vulcan Pickleball paddle Pickleball Paddles

Vulcan V530 Power Pickleball Paddle-Rainbow Laser

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The Vulcan V530 Power Pickleball Paddle Rainbow Laser is designed for players who hit drives and smashes with maximum pace and depth. Maximum sweet spot area makes this a highly forgiving paddle at the net. Features the Classic Shape, with wide-body 16mm polypropylene core and carbon fiber V-Skin surface and inserts. Vulcan Max Control Grip at 4-3/8”. Paddle is made to 8.5 oz (+/- .2). Standard Weight. The Vulcan V530 Pickleball Paddles also available in Gold Lazer, Navy Lazer, Black Lazer and Rainbow Lazer design.

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Weight 7.9 oz. 7.9 oz. 8.5 oz. 8.2 oz. 7.9 oz. 8.4 oz.
Length 15-5/8" 15-5/8" 15-11/16" 15-5/8" 16-15/16" 16-1/2"
Width 7-11/16" 7-11/16" 8" 7-11/6" 7-1/8" 7-1/2"
Core Thickness 13mm 13mm 16mm 16mm 13mm 13mm
Paddle Shape Modern Modern Wide Modern Elongated Classic
Player Style Hybrid Control Power Hybrid Hybrid Power / Control